I bought this unique Hand-Forged Outdoorsman knife at an auction. No history was included however, the quality of work on this knife appears excellent. Judge for yourself from the photos.

Knife has an overall length of 11.5" and has a makers mark (+ I, TI, H, ?) that I have not identified. It is a Custom Made 5.75" Fixed Blade, Micarta handled knife with Leather Sheath in excellent condition and has not been abused. May never have been carried. The blade is 5.75" of what is probably High Carbon Steel with polished edge. It has a nice contour grind and continues full tang through the handle to a pommel nut. Handle appears to be a linen Micarta with colorful spacers, in exceptional condition.  High quality leather sheath with whetstone included, could use the keeper snap repositioned for a tight fit. Great knife for someone with a large hand as handle length is 5” with a well-designed oval shape for a sure grip.

OAL: knife and sheath together 12”    Weight 15.4 oz

OAL: Knife 11.25”                                 Weight 10.5 oz

OAL: Knife Blade 5.75”                                               

OAL: Sheath 10”                                  Weight 4.85 oz

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