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Gil Hibben Kenpo Karate I & II Knives

While Gil Hibben is best known from the Rambo III knife he designed in 1988 for Sylvester Stallone who owned several of Gil Hibben knives. Gil Hibben also designed the Browning Sportsman Knives in the late 60’s, a collection of beautiful working knives.

In 1968 Gil designed the Kenpo Knife (sometimes called the Ed Parker Fighting Knife) for his black belt thesis on knife fighting using Kenpo tactics. His thesis became the basis of the Kenpo system's Long Form VIII (the double dagger form) which uses two knives in mock combat. Gil also made one of the Hibben/Parker Kenpo Karate knives for Elvis Presley, one of many celebrities who also studied under Ed Parker. The knife features a cloisonné shield with the Kenpo insignia inlaid in the handle. Gil also licensed United Cutlery to reproduce his Kenpo knife and later a redesigned Kenpo II knife starting in 1996.

The design of the Kenpo Karate I knife features an angled guard which allows you to put your thumb on top of the guard and employ the Kenpo "Chinese Fist" grip. This grip is much stronger and offers more stability than the common grip with your thumb down.

For more information on Gil Hibben, visit his website at;

The Kenpo Karate I knife is:

Overall length: 12-3/4"

Blade Length: 6-7/8"

Blade thickness: 3/16"

Blade material: 420 J2 Stainless Steel

Handle material: Mahogany Staminawood, polished solid brass guard and pommel, brass and micarta spacers. Rat-tail tang

Sheath: Genuine Leather cordovan sheath.