In the 1970’s Browning produced a series of knives considered to be among the finest knives Browning ever offered.

In 1968, Browning introduced a line of cutlery in the form of 3 fixed-blade hunting knives and a folding knife designed by Custom Knifemaker Gil Hibben decades before Rambo III or Star Trek movies made him famous. Designated the Sportsman’s Series they were well designed hunting knives, both folding and fixed blades made to complement Browning’s firearms in the field.

The original set were reported to be produced by Ichiro Hattori in Seki, Japan who later produced additional knives for Browning.

Per the brochure produced by Browning at the time, the knives consisted of three fixed blades and one folding knife;

Model 55 - All Purpose Hunting Knife The blade of this knife has a contour generally preferred by hunters. While it’s a 5.25” length suits it for a big game hunter, it is not at all unwieldy for upland game of the needs of the fisherman.

Later on Browning expanded the selection and added the model 5518 similar but with a 5.5" blade. Only the Model 55 had the 5.25" blade.

This has an excellent blade, the handle shows some wear probably because it did not have a sheath for many years. I tried many sheaths till I located the well built Olsen Knives sheath for it. A great combination. 

The blades steel was precision ground from the very finest of 440 series of High Carbon Steel. The handles were made of Brazilian Rosewood and consisted of a solid brass guard and pommel.

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