The Browning Damascus Classic Fighter 

In 1983 Browning approached the Seki knife Ichiro Hattori with an idea to make a one time Limited Edition Double Edge Damascus Hunter and Classic Damascus Fighter based on Gil Hibben’s designs. Up to that time the making of a Damascus blade involved the forge welding of iron and steel in alternating layers that often resulted in a costly and not very rust resistant final product. To meet Browning's requirement a new kind of Damascus was created; not using iron, but stainless steel and nickel silver forge welded in 200 layers. The blade has a full tang which extends through an exotic cocobolo wood handle. The hilt, end cap and spacers embellishing the handle are all polished nickel silver. The entire knife itself is 7-3/4 inches long. The Damascus blade itself is 3-3/4 inches long and consists of over 200 separate layers. And, like a fingerprint, no two blades look exactly alike. 

Two models were produced by Hattori and production was limited to 1,000 knives of each. Model 3816 Double Edge Damascus Hunter and the Classic Damascus Fighter. They retailed for $350.00 in 1985. The knives came in a wooden lined presentation box, no sheath, and for the Damascus Hunter, a certificate issued by Browning on Wa-shi (often called rice paper in the U.S.) and for the Classic Fighter a Damascus Hunter brochure. Each knife was serial numbered to 1000. 

This Classic Damascus Fighter comes complete with the wood Presentation box, brochure and an extremely low production number 0006. The Damascus blade incorporates a great design and the knife and box are excellent. 

Information from:hattoricollector.com/2015/09/28/browning-hattoris/ 

The Browning Double Edge Damascus Hunter appeared on the cover of The Gun Digest "Book of Knives" 3rd Edition in 1988.


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