Small Travel Survival Kit

While we think of ourselves and carrying survival items, what about our family members and friends? One of my friends who travels overseas on vacation and does quite a bit of hiking and walks recently asked about a survival kit. I realized while I was prepared other family members/ friends might not be and will probably not have the skills set that I do. I put together a small kit for her with an emphasis on shelter, fire, water purification, signalling and navigation. Really a short term overnight kit. Wanting it somewhat discreet and because it was a great size I used a Nemo Sandwich box.

 Survival Kit Includes:

Unique Nemo sandwich holder

Large survival blanket

Cub Scout knife

Wetfire cube

Ferro rod with striker

Brunton 7 compass

Signal whistle

Cotton balls/Vaseline fire starter

Ignite-o fire starter

Waterproof/windproof matches

4 water purifier tabs treat 1/qt each

Ziploc qt bag (water storage)

Magnifying glass (fire, fun, reading)

Razor/metal saw combo

Fish hooks/fishing line (use worms)

Butane lighter (remove rope to use)

25’ cordage (tarred bankline 165#)

I did not include some items like 1st Aid Kit as I hope a traveller carries a small kit already as well as water bottle.