This is a 3 pack of the yo yo's with the stainless steel spring and flat trigger.:

• Very Sensitive Flat Trigger Mechanism
• Stainless Steel Spring & Galvanized Steel Frame
• Adjustable Spring Tension
• Pre-Spooled with 9-12' of 60# Test Nylon Line
• Only 2oz (56.7 grams) each
• Fast Delivery
• Made In The USA

Produced in Diamond city, Arkansas USA Mechanical Fishers are a type of automatic fishing reel that can be left unattended. They are made of a galvanized steel frame with a stainless steel spring that automatically sets the hook when the trigger is released by a fish taking the bait. These well built and popular devices can be attached to tree limbs, boat docks, the side of a boat, or any other means that will suspend the reel above the water. Mechanical Fishers are popular in the United States especially among outdoor enthusiasts and are typically used to catch Catfish, Crappies (a North American game fish) and Pike, however they can be used to catch virtually any type of fish depending on the bait used. 

So what are the advantages of using a Mechanical Fisher compared to other unattended lines?

  • * The hook is set firmly with a quick, yet measured jerk so it won't rip the hook out.

    * A constant pressure is kept on the hook, preventing the fish from escaping.

    * The line is prevented from getting tangled in underwater logs and limbs by pulling the fish up and away from the bottom each time it runs.

    * The spring inside a Mechanical Fisher splays and tires the fish as it runs from the reel and then pulls the fish back to the reel.

    * The fish is pulled towards the edge - near the surface - the activity lets you know you have a fish on the line, day or night and keeps the fish fresh and alive until you retrieve it.

Elmer Fitzwillie Notes: "The ability of the Yo Yo's to keep fishing 24 hours a day while you are doing other things is a huge benefit. When I was younger we used to run Trot Lines with over 50 hooks across rivers to supply fresh catfish during weekend fishing trips. It was nice to go out in the morning and have a good catch of fresh fish for breakfast or lunch with leftover to save for dinner. In a survival situation it could be a game changer to have a few Yo Yo's out working for you while you slept or performed other duties."


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