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USA Made Western Red Paisley Bandanna $4

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The quality is here with this Made in USA Red Paisley Bandanna with FREE US SHIPPING.

Product Description:

  • This bandanna is made in the USA - see photo for verification
  • Paisley Bandanna features Duplex Printing (A proprietary  process where the printing press is designed to print both sides of the bandanna) imports print only one side that bleeds through.
  • The edges feature  rolled hem stitching for durability
  • Fabric is 100% Cotton and a heavier cloth than most imports. Fabric softens after a few washes.
  • Bandanna is 21”x21” Finished size, 22"x22" cut size
  • Made by the last USA Manufacturer of bandannas for over 50 years

There are over 50 uses for a bandanna, but it is best if you discover most of them on your own such as use as a headband, head covering,  fabric for creating fashions, colorful table napkins, create a stylish look, wipe up a spill, filter dirty water, a bandage, a towel, to swing around and signal for help, as a sling, to make char cloth, and many more uses.

Abner Fitzwillies notes, "I have always been a bandanna lover and rarely hike without one around my head (I am like a furnace and can sweat). I carry 3 with me in my pack; 1 to wear, 1 to hang off the backpack drying and a fresh one ready for a multitude of tasks. Finding a USA manufacturer took some effort, but I found one that has produced bandannas for over 50 years."