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The SOG B62-N Powerlock Multi-tool with V-Cutter is driven by an exclusive interlocking Gear System, SOG's patented Compound Leverage Technology is a legend in folding tools. With SOG’s proprietary Technology's increased leverage, SOG Pliers generate twice the power of their conventional counterparts, minimizing the amount of hand pressure that is required to get the most torque out of the tool.

Closed: 4.6”

Open: 7”
Weight: 9.6 oz.
Steel: 420 Stainless
Finish: Polished or
Black Oxide
Option: MOLLE

Components: pliers/gripper, hard wire
cutter, crimper, double toothed wood
saw, 1/2 serrated blade, 3-sided file,
large screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver,
1/4” drive, awl, can opener/small screwdriver,
bottle opener/medium screwdriver,
scissors, rulers, and lanyard ring.

Elmer Fitzwillie Notes, "For urban survival a multi-tool may be your most valuable asset, in the woods they are handy for repair, trap building and a variety of uses. I carry a multi-tool in my knife nylon sheath, because when you need a pair of pliers, holding 2 rocks together to loosen something just does not work, I know. Pick a tool that has the items you would need most based on the equipment you carry, there is a wide variety. I like a file, pliers, awl, screwdriver and a blade (serrated offers a good option). The nylon case is handy if you do not have one on your knife."


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