When you mention a R.W. Loveless- Schrade knife a lot of products seem to pop up. There is the actual numbered Schrade/Loveless knife with the Loveless oval engraved on the blade made of what many believe was 154CM steel with the maroon Delrin handle. Than there are the later Schrade knives with a similar design called the PH1 and PH2 (Pro-Hunter)that are produced in a Schrade stainless steel blade with a variety of handles but no R.W.Loveless engraving on them. 

In the book, "The Greatest Loveless Knife Designs", from the editors of Blade Magazine. they show the Semi-skinner Bob used as the Prototype and the completed Schrade-Loveless design. Both knives look very similar and feature a finger groove seldom seen on a Loveless knife. Bob Loveless said, I've designed knives in collaboration with Gerber, Schrade, Beretta, and Lone Wolf." "The work was primarily so that the Average guy could own a Loveless- designed knife at an affordable price." Bob designed his knives should be used and when they became collector pieces, he really wanted them to be used. If you have ever handled a Bob Loveless knife you realize how well he designed them as working knives, each for a specific purpose.

I have attached with the photos the advertisement that Schrade used to promote the Schrade - Loveless Hunter model RL-2. It lists a suggested retail of $100. 

The knife I have listed is that model number 0277 (A very low number. It has the box, is in excellent  factory edge and firm handles although it has 2 scratches on the sheath. The price on the knife is the "I don't want to sell it price" as I have never came across another one and just got it.

For more information of the Schrade/Loveless knife go to the blog on this site: Abner Fitzwillies Blog

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