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Scagel Medium Bowie Style A in A2 tool steel - $325

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William Scagel, rest his soul, can be considered the father of modern custom knife making as many of his designs and techniques are still copied and used to this day. Scagel’s style of using stacked leather, paired with a drop point hunting blade became popular for it’s quality, elegance, and high degree of function. Scagel Knives were always 100% handmade, as William preferred it, making original Scagel models extremely hard to come by.

At $20,000 and up for knives hand made by Bill Scagel himself, Scagel knives are out of the reach for most people. After Scagel's death in 1963, there was no one to carry forward his work. It was not until about a decade ago that a custom knife maker took up Scagel's mantle and began making real Scagel knives again. They were knives made as replicas of Bill's original work. Today, they've taken the next step in real Scagel® knives which are, as Bill would want, knives you can use.

Today, a new company has begun remaking Scagel knives to the same exacting standards in Michigan and they come in two different fixed blade models, the Bowie and the Hunter. Whether you prefer stag or leather, a maneuverable 5-3/8″ blade or a larger 8″ size for more serious tasks, there’s a Scagel configuration for you. 21st century Scagel® knives are made with the same useful style and flair we are accostomed to seeing from Bill Scagel, but with the added quality and usability of modern knives. They are the best of both worlds. You will find these genuine Scagel® knives to be among the finest knives money can buy, but at a price you can afford to actually use them. 

The Scagel Medium Bowie is 10" overall with a 5-3/8" A-2 tool steel bowie blade with convex grind. The handle is made from brown stacked leather with a stainless guard and pommel and comes with a brown leather belt sheath. All Scagel Knives are proudly made in Gladstone, Michigan. The bowies were manufactured by Bark River Knife and Tool and come in 2 models, a more classic bowie with a long clip and slight swedge(type A) and a drop point (type B). This is the type A with the swedge grind.


  • Blade Length: 5-3/8"
  • Blade Steel: A-2 Tool Steel
  • Overall Length: 10"
  • Handle Material: stacked leather washers
  • Sheath Material: Brown Leather
  • Made in the USA

UPC Code: 000000189729

Abner Fitzwillie notes; "this is one of those knives I intended to keep forever but decided to make it available for someone else to own and enjoy. At a recent Customer Designer knife show I had it on display and many designers admired the finish and especially the grind of the blade. One mentioned, If If could, I would love to duplicate this grind."