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12 Piece Essentials Kit includes first aid kit with medical tape, adhesive bandages, alcohol prep pads, wound wipes, surgical sponges, moleskin and emergency stitch; waterproof matches with striker; LED Micro Torch light; Compact Scout Knife; button compass; and "Priorities of Survival" guide. Packaged in water resistant polypropylene case. Measures 4 3/4" x 3 3/4" x 1".

Abner Fitzwillie notes. "There is a lot of flak about Bear Grylls and how his survival show was set up and they stayed in hotels. I don't know how much is true, and all survival shows except possibly Les Stroub have camera crews around and the survivalists mysteriously find some items like a cell phone battery and steel wool or Potassium Permangate in a bottle with a container of Glycerin to make a fire. The shows are trying to demonstrate techniques so they fudge a bit, and someone shivering in the cold would be boring TV but no one can belittle Bear Grylls toughness, experience and achievements. He also heavily promotes and supports Boy Scouting which is a very worthwhile endeavor. Anyone that gives as much to scouting as he does as well as other charities deserves some respect. This kit is price about the same that you would pay for the light and knife alone, I would carry additional items, but this is a start."

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