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TURN OLD INTO GOLD, Trade-ins Welcomed.


Turn your unused knives into cash or credit toward a new knife.

Fitzwillies is always looking for quality used knives to purchase or take in on trade. Prefer US made but great knives are also made in Germany, Japan, Norway, Sweden and other countries. 

Send us several quality photos and describe the condition and history of the knife as you know it and what you think it might be worth. Include any packaging or paperwork you have on that knife. Please understand that we purchase wholesale and sell retail. If you are looking to get retail prices from your knives you might try e-bay or take them to a local gun or knife show and offer them for sale.

If the knife has a lot of sentimental value, keep it for your family or friends. We don't want to upset anyone by offering a price for a knife that is priceless to you.  

We rarely purchase Collectible knives, to us knives are meant to be used and enjoyed. Over the years, however, some of my collection has ended up collectible but it was not my original plan. 

I love Custom Knives but I shy away from them because it is hard to put a retail value on them and sometimes even harder to locate a buyer. Send me a photo and what you have and want for it, I can always take a quick look and let you know. 

I will estimate what the knife is worth to me by the photos but I will not pay for a knife until I have received it and examined it. Hidden defects are often hard to see until you hold it. If you do not like the price I offer, I will return your knife back to you at my expense.

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