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Too much fishing gear, it is possible?

Posted by Onehikes on

It starts simple. You live where there is Trout fishing so you buy a few lightweight rods and reels for Trout. Than move to a state where the is Bass, Stripers, Garr as well as coast fishing for Speckled Trout and Redfish. Than you go to the Pacific NW with Salmon, Steelhead, Rock Cod, Halibut and Ling Cod and that requires a whole new set of equipment. Suddenly you have enough equipment to stock a Fishing Store. Not to mention down-riggers, boat rods, hooks, lures, scent and hopefully a few stringers to carry the catch. As you upgrade to better equipment the idea is to sell off the older stuff, but it has memories and beside you may need it for friends or grandchildren. Suddenly your fishing hobby has become a collection or obsession and you are not sure which. Worse yet, this photo just shows some of my Steelhead, Salmon and Trout rods. It does not include fly fishing, boat and down-rigger rods, misc. rods and about 20 loose reels I accumulated over the years. There are tackle boxes, dressers full of weights, swivels, lures, hooks and assorted tackle. There are downriggers, nets and fishing line. Now I think it borders on obsession.

I had an uncle that had lost both legs to diabetes and had not fished in years but when he saw fishing gear on sale that he really liked he would send me to get it for him. He knew he was not going fishing he just loved the feeling a new piece of fishing equipment gave him and memories of where he would use it.

To add to the addiction you now have E-bay where the equipment you dreamed of as a kid can be purchased sometimes in like new condition. Now you can get that classic Daiwa Millionaire reel, that Shimano Calcutta reel, that Lews Childre bass reel, that Loomis or Fenwick fishing rod and the obcession grows..

Well, the time has come to move again. but this time some of this has got to go. Between Craigslist, E-Bay and this web site it is time to sell and let someone else build the memories. Visit my e-bay site to see what is currently available, I am loading items regularly.

Onehikes E-bay site:

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