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Small Survival/Waterproof Fire Starting Kit

Posted by Abner Fitzwillie on

This small, waterproof Fire Starting Kit is designed to be thrown into a backpack, jacket pocket, belt pouch, haversack, cargo pocket or whatever you carry. It offers multiple ways to start fires, Bic lighter, Ferro rod, magnifying glass, stormproof matches and book matches. For assistance with combustion of tinder, Petroleum jelly coated cottonballs, waxed firestarter, fatwood sticks, wet fire tabs, and jute twine are also included.

The Swiss Army knife is to help make process wood for kindling and to be an asset in overall survival. There is a small amount of cordage on the bic lighter.

The Compass is to be able to figure out which direction you came from and where you are heading. After a night in the woods, you may not be able to recall the location you came from without knowing the direction you traveled. Rely on the compass to avoid uncertainity.

The red lanyard is so that once you use a tool like the ferro rod or Swiss Army Knife you can put it on the lanyard for easy access. The mini compass has it's own lanyard.

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