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Vietnam Era Garcia Survival Knife 60's - 70's - RARE NOS

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Garcia Survival Knife Made in Brazil, rare New Old Stock

The Garcia was a copy of the Hackman Survival Knife that was developed in response to a shortage of Randall 18 knives for the Vietnam War in the late 60’s early 70’s. The Hackman Survival Knife was designed by Ken Warner and Pete Dickey and produced in Finland. The Garcia came out after the Hackman stopped production and was shaped the same but it was a lighter knife with a 3/16th thick blade instead of Hackman’s ¼” thick blade. It made it a little easier to handle and carry with less weight in the blade, but it did not lack durability. It was made in Brazil and featured a survival kit in the sheath with a whistle, compass, sharpening stone and flint sparker. Like the Randall 18, the handle was hollow, watertight and had space to store additional survival items like fishing line, hooks and matches, although many Vietnam Vets used the space as well for needed pills. Blade is 6 3/4”, OAL 10 ¾” and weighs 12 oz for the knife and 19 OZ for the knife and sheath. Printed on the back of the sheath is Brazil.

Because this knife was manufactured in response to the Vietnam War, the knife’s sheath was adapted to fit the military system of attaching to the GI webbed belt. This knife is New Old Stock and has some spots on it. Examine carefully. The compass needle and plastic cover were loose in the box, I attached them for the photo.

Many of you will recognize Garcia as the manufacturer of the unstoppable and reliable Garcia Mitchell fishing reels like the model 300 or 308.

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