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Closeouts - Blemished (2nds)- Discontinued

This section is for those products offered by the manufacturer as Blemished (2nds), closeouts or discontinued products. Often manufacturers will simply closeout a product because they need to make room for a new model or they are going in a new direction and the product no longer fits into their mix.

Blemished products are usually caught in the final inspection and the color, finish or some other issue causes the product to not meet the companies exacting standards.  I try to buy blemished products whenever possible. they would not be collectible but most people are users of a product, not collectors. They can be a real bargain for price conscious buyers. The Ontario Air Force Survival knives and the Ontario Blackbird SK-5 are examples of this.

Discontinued products are often the last opportunity to purchase a particular model offered by a manufacturer. Many times consumers are not even aware a product has been discontinued until they come to the conclusion they want to own something only to find out it is no longer available. Many of us have had that experience and it is upsetting. It could be the manufacturing cost or metal become to expensive to produce anymore. The manufacturer could be streamlining their product line, or the product did not have a big enough appeal to sell the volume the manufacturer anticipated. Sometimes these products appear as close-outs, but often they just disappear from the shelves. The SOG Tsunami is a discontinued knife but had a big following.

Closeouts can be a gift when they are available. Like discontinued products they may be closed out for a variety of reasons and can be a real bargain for the consumers. The Bear Grylls Essentials Survival kit is an example of a close-out.